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About the Target Systems

The Rogue Six Target Retrieval system was born out of the desire for a target system that was simple and efficient - at a reasonable cost.

The latest version of the target system has undergone testing in an indoor range setting for more than three years. They have lived up to their original design intent: simple, low maintenance and very cost effective.

The Concept:

The Rogue Six Target System was designed for small commercial range owners and clubs that operate with realistic budgets. The systems are sold in “kits” ready for install on dual-rails supplied by you. We find this to be the simplest and most cost effective method in most cases. Complete installs with all supplied materials are also available from the Rogue Six team.

How they work:

Rogue Six Target Retrieval systems operate much like more expensive electric retrievers except they are hand actuated. Major components consist of a trolley, handwheel, target hanger and dual pulleys.

The trolley rides along a dual-rail configuration powered solely by the shooters.

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