About Rogue Six Target Systems

Discover Rogue Six’s commitment to affordable, adaptable target systems. Join us in reshaping shooting experiences.

Rogue Six Target Retrieval Systems was born of necessity in 2004 when we opened our first indoor shooting range. Frankly, we bought a mess that had potential. At the time, our range operated with an old Caswell electric system using cables, guide wires, and chaos! They worked when they wanted to. Bad switches, shot cables, and target carriers that dangled in the air, etc.
After several months of repairs (and quotes for new target retrieval systems), it dawned on us that we were working for the equipment when it should be the other way around.
Since that time, the prices of target retrieval systems have done nothing but skyrocket. We couldn’t afford those prices, so we set out to design something that worked for us. We wanted something durable, efficient, simple, and effective. Through a lot of trial and error on the range, we created Rogue Six.

It wasn’t long until we were asked about selling our systems to clubs, private ranges, homeowners, and commercial ranges alike.
We were hesitant at first because our systems weren’t fancy with all the latest technology. They weren’t electric, and they didn’t have all the bells and whistles we saw across the market spectrum. Yet, they were making economic sense for us.
A $110 switch or target carrier turned into a $12 bolt. That made a lot of sense to us, so we decided to share our systems with potential buyers. Since that time, Rogue Six has been installed in a variety of locations, from Hawaii to Rhode Island. We continue to improve wherever possible, but our philosophy remains the same:
Efficient, economical, durable, and simple.

Blake & Leah Frederick

Effective Target Retrieval Systems You Can Afford

At Rogue Six, we learned the hard way about the importance of a simple target retrieval system that is low maintenance and affordable—systems that make money as opposed to training your monthly budget.
Our target system kits are straightforward and flexible enough in their design to be installed in a wide variety of configurations. You can do it yourself, or the Rogue Six Team is available for onsite installation on a time and material basis.
The Rogue Six Target Retrieval system operates much like more expensive electric retrievers, except they are hand-actuated. The major components consist of a trolley, handwheel, target hanger, and a system of pulleys. The trolley rides along a dual-rail setup powered solely by the shooter—it’s cost-effective and requires very little maintenance.
If you choose to buy the Rogue Six Target Retrieval kits, all you will need to supply locally is standard angle steel and some flat stock for bracing lanes. This “sweat equity” approach is a real money saver as the average lane will make nothing but profit within the first month of operation! We find this to be the simplest and most cost-effective method in most cases. Complete installs with all supplied materials are also available from the Rogue Six team.
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