The Rogue Six Target Retrieval system is rather unique in the world of commercial target systems and range equipment. We have taken an approach that combines simplicity with the concepts of target stability, system durability, and ease of installation—with value at the heart of the process.

Can the system be installed outdoors?

Although the Rogue Six system was designed for indoor use, there is no compelling reason why it could not be installed outdoors. The biggest challenge to an outdoor installation is whether or not a method of suspending the rails already exists. In a covered setting with baffles, the Rogue Six system can be installed easily.
Otherwise, a system would have to be devised to suspend the rails, such as dual stanchions with an overhead mounting surface. With a series of mounting surfaces of approximately 88 inches high, the system can be installed nearly anywhere. Outdoor baffles are generally ideal.

Can I install the system myself?

Yes, you can install the system yourself. All you need is some mechanical skill and inclination. The most difficult part of the installation is suspending and leveling the dual-rails.
Each installation is unique, but the system’s simplicity allows for various installation methods. A typical 10-lane range can be installed within a week with a crew of 3-4.

How long of a range can be accommodated?

Given the fact that the target is hand-actuated, typical installations are good up to 25 yards. We have designed some custom trolleys for installation of greater lengths. The key here is to be able to carry the sag of the puller cord at the depth of the range.

Can I retrofit my existing range and still use my stalls, supports, etc.?

Yes, that’s exactly how Rogue Six came into existence. There are literally hundreds of range configurations across the country, and nearly all of them have the basic structural components in place to retrofit into a Rogue Six system.

How long does it take to receive my systems once my order is placed?

Our production lead time generally runs 2-3 weeks, depending on the time of year.
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