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Rogue Six Target Systems provides target kits, turnkey solutions, and consulting services for shooting ranges in need of new installs or retrofit systems. The Rogue Six system was designed for flexibility and ease of installation. Combining the best of a rail and cable system together—powered manually—the Rogue Six Target System is definitely the best bang for your buck.

System Components

Elevate your shooting precision with Rogue Six’s Upper Assembly kits. Crafted forseamless integration, our assemblies provide a reliable foundation for your range.Engineered with durability in mind, these kits ensure solid performance andflexibility. The Upper Arm Assembly can be mounted in a wide variety of methodsand lasts for years. Reliability and affordability is key to your range needs.
With Rogue Six’s Trolley and Hanger system, you get a durable target mover with minimal moving parts and extreme durability. This solution provides a cost-effective approach for a range owner to maintain shooting lanes with reasonable costs. The Trolley system is designed to move across two standard pieces of 1 x 1 x 3/16 angle iron available everywhere. Repairs are easy and the Trolley is durable with a low profile. These are reliable, adaptable, and budget-friendly. From retrofits to new construction, these kits are designed to simply work.
Although a simple pulley setup, the Idler Pulley transfers the forward and reverse actions of the handwheel. Designed for a wide variety of installations, the idler rarely needs maintenance or attention. It’s smooth and reliable.

The Rogue Six’s unique handwheel matches the shooter with the target. Designed to work using standard puller-cord, the handwheel provides ease of use, no maintenance and extreme durability. Whether you’re a commercial range or club, you will find the Rogue Six System will make your life simple and your budget happy.
You may have seen swivels that look similar, but the Rogue Six Dual Swivel is unique in its design, flexibility, and effectiveness. Designed to transfer power from the shooter’s Handwheel, the Dual Swivel allows for a variety of installation styles.
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